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CoMetGeNe (Conserved Metabolic and Genomic Neighborhoods) is an exploration tool for conserved organizational motifs at both the metabolic and genomic level. For more details, check out the rest of this website and the accompanying publication:

Zaharia A, Labedan B, Froidevaux C, Denise A. CoMetGeNe: mining conserved neighborhood patterns in metabolic and genomic contexts. BMC Bioinform. 2019; 20:19. DOI: 10.1186/s12859-018-2542-2


The CoMetGeNe logo is a stylized depiction of a gene with a comet tail, flying through interstellar void. :-) Although stylized, the representation is accurate, because comet tails come in two main varieties: dust tails, which have a yellowish hue, and gas (or ion) tails, which are quite often blue. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, as a mix of rock, ice, and gases, comets do not burn with flames (which is why the CoMetGeNe logo uses cool colors rather than warm ones). Well, unless they get too close to the sun, that is.

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